English Biography

Professor François M.H. GÉRÉ was born in Paris, France, 1950.

Professeur Agrégé en Histoire (1975).

He holds a Phd in contemporary military history (1991) with the title of "Research director" (2001) Paris Sorbonne University.

1985-1993 : he has been trained in nuclear physics and Ballistic missile technology.

1995-1996 : He has been a visiting professor at SAIS Johns Hopkins University, (Washington DC).

He has occupied various positions inside and outside the French
administration, most of them related to American military strategy, arms

Since September 1st 2001 : he is the President of Institut Français d’Analyse Stratégique (IFAS), a Paris-based non-governmental think-tank.

IFAS runs a special research program on the strategic relations between China, the EU and the USA.

He teaches two seminars at Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle and at Ecole militaire on counterterrorism and counterproliferation.

Since 2001 : he has been appointed as senior advisor for the orientation of the upper level of military studies at Ecole militaire in Paris.

On june 2004 : he has been selected by the Swedish National Defence College as a member of the international board on transatlantic relations.

On september 2004 :, he has been selected to enter the NATO Science Committee (as chairman of the Human and Societal Dynamics panel).

Since 2006 : he runs the joint program on Global Security research between NATO and the EU (European Science Foundation).

On September 2006 : he has been designated a special advisor (“chargé de mission”) to the office of the Prime Minister for Defense and Security.

2007-2015 : he has been special advisor ("chargé de mission") to the Institut des hautes études de la Défense nationale (IHEDN).

Pr GERE has published extensively on nuclear proliferation, counter terrorism, psychological warfare, and military strategy : list of publications.

Pr GERE writes in the French newspapers and appears regularly on the news medias :
CNN, Al Jazeera, Al Arabya, Canadian TV, American Public Broadcasting Radio, Swiss and Belgian Television.

Most recent papers deal with Iranian nuclear activities and Middle East politics, Chinese strategy, missile defense counterinsurgency, strategic surprise.

He is a member of many associations and organizations such as : IISS, AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), French chapter of the Old Crows Association (Electronic Warfare)…..

On july 2005 he has been awarded the Order of “Légion d’honneur”.